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party movement. a special election is exposing the true republican divide. >> as the su sunsets on the watr that defines mobile, alabama. he get to work. >> i have been a fan for a long, long time. he calls himself a true believer. the cause? the tat tea party. >> it will be a goodl godly cou. a country that god can look down on and say i'm proud of this country. >> right now he can't do that. he is campaining for this man, dean young. prom millinpromising to change n with confrontation. >> i can tell you right now barack obama does not want me to go to washington. we don't have a lot in common and so there won't be a lot of bipartisan ship unless these guys come over to our way of thinking. >> the other partner bradley burn. his statements are far from liberal. >> we are sending far too much money to other countries who do not honor our principles. we are sending billions of dollars to countries like egypt and pakistan who are using that money to attack chri christians. but for the tea party he is not christian enough and in this old bastion of the south the tea party always go
from the democratic national convention, and in october, less than a month before the general election against richard nixon. we've assembled the most compelling parts of these three programs. the issues include richard nixon, lyndon johnson, the cold war, cuba, and the threat from the soviet union, jfk's stance on civil rights and his attempt to become the first roman catholic president of the u.s. and now, "meet the press remembers -- jfk: the presidential campaign." >> announcer: now, here's the moderator of "meet the press," mr. ned brooks. >> welcome once again to "meet the press." our guest is senator john kennedy of massachusetts, who yesterday announced his entrance into the race for the democratic presidential nomination. he said under no circumstances will he accept the nomination for vice president. senator kennedy is the front-runner in most of the public opinion polls. as a member of the senate labor committee, he is certain to play a leading part in drafting legislation to deal with the steel dispute, if it is not settled. senator kennedy began his career in the house of
head to the polls tomorrow for election day 2013. while not all of you have a ballot to cast, there are some key races. david shuster has more. david. >> in new jersey, republican incumbent governor chris christie, appears to be heading towards a landslide victory. poised to make huge inroads with women voters, latinos and african americans. poised to say he is the most electable republican. for several weeks crifti christs been blasting are conservative republicans. >> we need to show the republican party we can win again. guess where they're going to be watching tuesday, right here, going to be watching us. >> more significant given the outcome the republicans are bracing for on election day in virginia. ken cuccinelli, the state attorney general is a tea party darling, staunch fiscal and social conservative, he finds himself down nearly 10 points. the former democratic party ken mcauliffe. but mcauliffe, makes this, look for soul searching on the right wing of the gop and the part of republicans to try otake the party back. >> david back to christie, could a big win -- oka
,800. immemorial was elected by the fight. grieving parent never forgive himself because he responded to his sons prewar saying of wild goats by insisting that he should join to source and not. in such a fashion in a dozen battles along the frontiers of france, 27,000 young frenchman without gaining a yard of ground one general read c'mon of all, results hardly satisfactory. the next day the british in toward their own action just inside belgium. they fought gallantly enough, but heavily outnumbered they had no choice but to retreat that night. three days later they staged another rearguard action which resembled the battle after the napoleonic wars. no one entrenches spirited germans advanced across cornfields. against british infantry and artillery deployed in full view. the slaughter was nothing like as severe as the french had faced a number of british losses or a savvy as they suffered at later on the sixth of june 1944 the british and french found themselves retreating under a blazing sun and the occasional thunderstorms in the case -- face of apparently invincible german masses. it seems o
called on election night after hear rg from romney, bill clinton. >> really? >> yeah. >> that's interesting. i want to bring in our chief political correspondent candy corely. as much as they might not have cared for him, he realized he needed him. >> that happens a lot in politics. bitter rivalries and throughout the first campaign, you can count bill clinton being one of the biggest rivals of barack obama, didn't think he was ready for it and thought his wife hillary clinton was ready for it. we had heard rumors through that time that johnson is talking about that oh, maybe the president will replace joe biden with hillary clinton. in fact, i think hillary clinton is probably on the record being asked about it because i have a vague memory -- >> she is. >> the president's numbers were down. you know, all of that kind of thing and i got to thinking today reading jonathan's article about this book that probably one of the happiest people today is hillary clinton for them deciding not to put her on the ticket or ask her to be on it because he's in roush roughly te position poll
signed $2 trillion in spending cuts into law. like to say these days, elections matter and the president explicitly stated that he put these on the back of the bipartisan spending cuts. fromet the exit polls november. two thirds said raising taxes to cut the deficit was a nonstarter. whiched to obamacare, more voters said they wanted to repeal, the levels of support are striking. if our friends on the other side contradict -- keep obamacare contradicted by the then have to called the mandate for reducing the size of government day superman date -- a super mandate. this would increase the debt and it is so outrageous. from new yorkator will announce a proposal to give the president permanent power to borrow more. the debtto extend ceiling permanently by going around congress. let me repeat that. the schumer-obama plan is a plan to permanently hand the president a credit card without spending limits in without lifting a finger to address the national debt. truly outrageous especially when you consider our debt is now $17 lookion which makes us like a european country. we need to get our de
loses an election over a vote to cut s.n.a., things will change. >> a vote to cut s.n.a.p. in gerrymandered districts were our political system is starting to get rigged. >> you showed the hypocrisy. $3.2 million from the same farm bill that includes nutrition programs. so he wants to cut nutrition programs but yet still wants farm subsidy money for his family. $3.2 million. that's hypocrisy. when people see the hypocrisy, that's when they vote them out. >> tom colicchio, great to meet you and have you on the program mind wife and i have admired your work for a long time. thanks. i appreciate it. thanks for the work you do. you're a guy who's had so much success. you could go home and eat dinner and not worry about this stuff. >> sure. >> you have taken it upon yourself to be active in this community and nationally. i commend you for it. >> thank you. >> i appreciate it very much. remember to answer tonight's question there at the bottom of the screen. share your thoughts on twitter @edshow and facebook. won't to know what you think. >>> coming up, michele bachmann's
employer. now that employer mandate was delayed for one year, so this time next year, right best election, that is when these possible cancellation notices, 93 million of them, will be going out. >> that 93 million is more than even the non-partisan cbo had predicted a year-and-a-half ago. i looked it up today. march 15th, 2012, the cbo and together with the joint committee on taxation, they issued a report. they said up to 30 million americans are going to lose their employer sponsored coverage because of obamacare. that didn't even include what, 15 or 20 million in the individual marketplace. and millions of those are now getting their cancellation notices. >> that's right. we should make the distinction between the millions of people who are now getting cancellation notices because they buy their insurance individually. that is the private, individual market. those letters are going out now. this time next year, a whole new raft of letters go out to those people who get their health insurance from their employer. those plans will be canceled. those people will be shifted into a policy
elections. 69%, 29% in a bad year. this is what you call a safe seat as long as thad cochran is sitting in it. but he might not be in that seat anymore. and that situation for an incumbent republican senator is not just in mississippi. it's also in georgia, with johnny isaacson, jeff flake, north carolina with richard burr. and it's true for the top republican in the senate, mitch mcconnell in kentucky. these guys are all facing primary challengers. they are all now facing negative adds that are running right now in their home states. negative ads, primary challengers, and all the rest, from what is supposed to be their own side. the senate conservatives fund, the tea party group, that's trying to throw mitch mcconnell out of his senate seat, they are already, already in 2013, doing big, six-figure ad buys against mitch mcconnell in his home state. >> when kentucky needed mitch mcconnell the most, he let us down. now he's asking us to give us six more years in washington. senate conservative eaction is responsible for the content of this message. >> that is not the first, but it's the m
♪ protests across egypt today as the country's first demeanorly elected president is on trial accused of violence and murder and if convicted mohamed morsi could face the death penalty and fall out after a suspected u.s. drone strike kills the head of the pakistan taliban and the u.s. ambassador is going to islamabad. the trouble gunman accused of opening fire at lax and killing a tsa worker and they told him after they shot him he acted alone. and a traditional form of fighting hundreds of years old is in danger of getting knocked out by modern martial arts. good morning and welcome to al jazeera america, i'm stephanie, more than four months after egypt military coup the trial of the first freely elected president is underway and p.m. was over thrown on july 3 and held in a secret location until today. no pictures showing morsi in court have come out. he arrived earlier at a police academy in cairo for the start of his trial. these are live pictures of protesters outside the court building. morsi is charged with insightment to commit murder. supporters say the trial is politi
movement has members of the g.o.p. now taking sides. we go to alabama where special elections show the true republican divide. >> reporter: as the sun sets onn the water that defines mobile alabama, omer ogelsby gets to work, trying to win the soul of the republican party. >> i've been a fan of deandown'n young's of a long time. >> it will be a godly country. a country that god can look down on and say, i'm proud of this country. but right now i don't think he's doing that. i don't think he's proud of the way we're conducting business. >> reporter: he's campaigning outside of a debate for this man, candidate dean young, promising to change washington with confrontation. >> i can tell you right now that barack obama does not want me to go to washington because we don't have a lot in common. and so there won't be a lot of bipartisanship unless these guys start coming over to our way of thinking. >> the other republican, bradley burn, backed by the party leadership and funded by corporations. his statements are far from liberal. >> we are sending far too much money to other countries who do no
help them to be hell up >> at the. >> mr. faulkner. >> i've been an elected official i've seen many people with aids die. what happened is with modern medical research they're getting positive results. money is needed for medical research. i hate to be a modern groperer but money it needed to save lives. in particular those who have hiv aids san francisco is well provided forever the federal government pays a lot of the costs. i want the drugs available to help people because i've known people will today of those awe flishgsdz my vaug is that i favor medical research promoted by every one >> thank you. we he hope this discussion has been informative for more information please invest sf remember it's available for voting from 5 to 8:00 p.m. >> good evening, everyone. my name is syria i'm the executive director of artists ease cultural center it's my pleasure to ask the honorable mayor ed lee to come to the stage and say a couple of words (clapping.). well, thank you syria and also thank you for your our leadership and arab cultural center. i wanted to be here tonigh
from the re-election tick net favor of hillary clinton. the bombshell coming from a new book quoted in "the new york times." brianna keilar has been looking into all of this. talk about setting washington abuzz this morning, brianna. >> reporter: it sure is, kate, already. former top aides to the president are clashing over whether this even happened. but this new book confirms what was once only speculation, that an obama/clinton ticket was a real possibility for 2012. in the spotlight, a president united with his vice president the year before his re-election. >> my outstanding vice president, joe biden is here. >> reporter: but behind the scenes with obama's prospects for a second term in doubt, top aides reportedly considered replacing biden with hillary clinton on the 2012 ticket. >> how serious were they looking into having hillary clinton be the vice president? >> it was serious enough that it was intentionally polled and focus grouped. >> the president didn't know them about polling and doing focus groups. >> very possible. joe biden didn't know, certainly. >> reporter: acou
's, that unleashed this torrent of arc money into our elections. citizens united is an interesting case to study. chief justice roberts, his highlight on the court. a lot of court experts wrote of him being on a sort of progression of slowly dismantling the campaign-finance laws, the foundation of those laws we got in the 1970's. citizens united is by far the biggest there. upcoming case will be another one, the listing rules for aris. and potentially some court watchers believe, he could not down the benefits given to candidates and parties themselves. so, the citizens united is the most high-profile decision on this issue, but very much in a string of cases and we do not know how this is going to and yet either. marianne from tennessee on our line for independents. good morning. caller: good morning. i have a question about dark money. when the representatives who are supposed to be representing us shut down the government over obamacare, the stock market went down. resumed, iternment went up the same day. since these representatives get a heads up on the market movements, how many of them mad
and john heilemann. they searched whether the former first lady could boost the president's re-election chances. here is jonathan martin last night on ac 360. >> campaigns don't spend the kind of money on polling and focus groups unless they are seriously exploring something. it was only known by a half dozen of the top obama senior advisers. >> martin says vice president biden didn't eaven know the president's top advisers were considering replacing him. another revelation mitt romney considered chris christie as his vice president candidate before deciding on paul iran. >>> a big i told you so with more americans dropped by their insurance carriers because of obama care. republicans have been quick to point out they predicted this exact scenario back in 2010 even before that when the president was making a lot of promises that so far have not panned out. chief congressional correspondent dana bash has more. >> the gentleman from ohio, mr. boehner. >> reporter: march 2010 then minority leader john boehner came to the floor. he issued this warning. >> look at this bill! ask yourself do
repeat dui offenders. >>> several counties are olding elections tuesday but they -- holding elections tuesday but they are expecting the turn out to be low. sales taxes, school board elections and bond measures dominate the ballots. one of the host hotly debated issues is on the ballot in san francisco, measure b, a proposal to build condos. >>> flattered but not ready to commit from hillary clinton on a endorsement. he said on saturday night 2016 is her time. polls show hillary clinton leading all candidates. they said she appreciated the gesture but said she hasn't made up her mind. >>> days after dianne feinstein spoke about reports on nsa spying on foreign leaders she spoke today about those who work in the agents. >> nsa -- i believe the nsa is filled with good people who do good things. the administration controls intelligence. the frame work is put together by the administration. it begins with -- >> on thursday dianne feinstein said she was opposed to gathering intelligence on foreign leaders. a day earlier she called to ask about a report that the u.s. was tapping her cell ph
and new jersey vote together, it would be the first time, that the two states have elected governors from different parties since 1985. a lot of history there. joining me now, nbc news senior political editor mark murray and also senior washington correspondent for politico. i'll start with you mark. let's first talk about virginia. as i said, a 30-year trend seems to be on its way to being broken. >> well, right, of course the marquis contest is the gubernatorial race where terry mccalliffe is in the driver's seat. may be the closest contest will be the state attorney general's race between mark herring and mark o ben shane, the polling we've seen on attorney generals race is a little tougher. the polling we've seen it is very close. democrats do have the chance for a sweep. and it's significant because it's a state in virginia which has been a swing state. it's perfectly reflected the spread in the 2008, 2012 presidential races and that's what we'll watch tomorrow night. >> the poll shows mcauliffe is up 6% and also interesting to know note, mark, how much the clintons have been involve
there are certain folks in the republican party have no grasp of reality in terms of why they lose elections. this is why they lose elections. >> listen, both parties are alienating voters and i know this is not, these is not ted cruz's words. this is not his father. he's not a public figure, an elected official. whatever role this is, amy holmes, i want to ask you, does this hurt the tea party? >> i think that it serves to hurt those who advocate for conservative and free market principals when it gets into the free-market attacks. i agree with chris on that basis. it turns off the voters and drives down voter turnout during elections when the attacks get nasty like this. in terms of, you know, the go back to kenya remark, i disagree with that. i believe president obama was born in america, an american. i have seen the documentation. as far as, you know, charging him with not being a christian. i believe president obalm aulm at his word that he is a christian. this becomes a distraction. >> i have to jump in, i have to jump in. why are so many people still fixated on the president and the c
are disappointed is the wrong word but furious by the fact that the democratically elected president has been deposed, will there be many nations in the region, many people internationally who wish for things to change further, for the military to take a back seat once again, given that it happened when it did? >> certainly in the international community and particularly in the west, there's broad support for military returning to the barracks and not running the country. but unfortunately the ability for the international community to affect that outcome is very, very limited. it was therefore the most likely institution to respond when morsi lost control. i think that's really the important point to america here that this is -- to make here: that this is not just the point of morsi being a bad president or noninclusive president but who lost control during his final months of power. when a president loses control, there are no really happy endings and this is one of those unhappy endings that we are witnesses. >> we thank you very much indeed. >> thank you for having me. >> not to block sup
it longer. that would make for one-third less campaigns and elections, all of the expenses associated with that. i'll hang up listening. guest: one of the projects that we have under way at the bipartisan policy center is a democracy project, we call it the democracy project which we launched earlier this year where we are looking into the specific issues that you mentioned, jack, as it relates to government filibusters, campaign finance the issues of redistricting out there. first of all, i think i agree with you, jack, this is more than just spending and revenues. structure. some of the issues that have created difficulties and coming to agreements going forward. at the same time, jack, i guess i'm an old senate staffer, i'm going to have to disagree with you on the filibuster. i do believe that the great deliberative body here called the united states senate, that the filibuster does have a role to play. think our founding fathers made it very clear they expected to be these kinds of conflicts but expected that the passions of the house would be cooled by the senate as george washi
a lot to do with a youtube video of the why was that? because there was election month later. bill: will show the youtube video was fabricated? what about the demonstration reported at one point? >> they will say from the very beginning it was a coordinated, well-executed, well-planned attack of terrorists on the american consulate in benghazi. bill: graham will not give this up. kelly ayote will not give up either. do you think they eventually get to them? >> i think what happens, the people, career civil servants, tell bense officers, soldiers who were there at the time, the special-ops guys, they will eventually come forward and say the truth. why? because they have saw their friend and colleagues die and they are still angry because nobody came to rescue them and they're still angry because, even at this date a year later nobody has gone after the terrorists. bill: 14 months later in fact. there is another report out of washington that two special operations forces had arrived in benghazi in time, and actually engaged in this terrorist hit. what do you think about that? >> i th
the people who fund republican elections from big business and traditional republican establishment and yes, he has a small vocal and loud support in the grassroots, but if he's really serious, i think, he needs to work as a senator. he needs more of those olive branches he's now extending and we'll see where he gets and if he runs in 2016, it will really hurt republicans and the tea party plan and we heard from people like bachmann, how does he do it? ? how does he broaden the tent in fellow republican basis? >> we don't know if he wants to do that, thomas. we don't know if he wants to become the next reagan or the next sarah palin. sarah palin became a queen maker by going out of establishment politics. he wants to play kingmaker for the rest of his life and he's well on his way for doing that and he's not going to do that by extending olive branches so it remains to be seen. >> kelly goff, james peterson and igor of big thank you very much. have a good holiday. i don't know if you've seen igor's holiday pictures. that's a good plug for his twitter handle. join our agenda se
on this piece. a lot of democrats say who cares what his approval ratings are. he never has to be elected again. that's true. if you go back and look at the history of second term midterms of a president, they almost always bad for his party. there is a reason for that. the only way people dissatisfied with the direction of the country, the president, the only way they can cast a protest vote is to do so against his party as opposed to against him. i think his numbers do matter. i think you've highlighted the critical piece of it, which is president obama always this people like him even if they didn't approve of his policies. the like him numbers are fading, which is really important to note. >> when we talk about those midterms, chris and mark, we're talking about congressional ratings that are really bottoming out. for the first time in a long time, people don't like their own congress member. they used to say throw those other bums out but i like my own guy, my own woman. now lets give somebody else a chance, 63%, that's a big number. >> look at presidential approval rating, look at the bat
based on. >> all of this comes as stop and frisk has been a major issue in new york's mayoral election, which takes place this tuesday. democraticsio, the nominee for mayor who is leading his republican opponent joe lhota, said he was extremely disappointed by the decision. ask for more we're joined by -- >> for more we're joined by sunita patel. can you talk about the significance of this decision? was quite stunning, saying stop and frisk was unconstitutional, pointing -- saying a monitor had to be put in place to come up with reforms for the police department. but all of that has been turned around. >> it is very disappointing and shocking. the decision was to supporting and shocking. i think we need to make sure we're clear on what was in front of them. the city was asking for a stay of her reform process. although the judge said all of these things need to be put into place immediately, she also deferred to the monitor a process whereby the city would have a role in shaping what those reforms would be. none of those reforms were actually ordered to happen immediately. in the face
election? >> we are as far away from that is possible and i think the rollout has been disastrous and kathleen sebelius took responsibility for that today, saying that it has been a debacle. but the question is how does that impact voters and you take a state like new jersey and you heard a congressman say that there's 800,000 people who will be negatively impacted with policy changes in the look out at california and there is a larger number there because that was a highly unregulated insurance market. >> hundreds of thousands by each provider. cancellations and you're hearing about. >> if you look at new jersey and california, they are both blue states. it's not likely to have a big shift in terms of the senate race and certainly not when you get to 2016 in the presidential race. but if this thing implodes and then becomes a matter of blame game on a massive scale than we what we are seeing now, then there is a potential for fallout and right now you have to say that it doesn't look like it. if you get to a state like florida, they could have some complaints. but right now polit
're all together, a big happy family, but not so. you have senator landrieu facing a tough re-election fight. she's actually proposing now that you should be able to keep your health plan, what the president said all along. you have senator joe manchin, democrat west virginia, also proposing legislation. so, is it really the case that the democrats are the one that are jumping ship, not so much the republicans who were already over the other place? >> i think the democrats who can read the writing on the wall, or certainly listen to their constituents and not just continue with the talking points of, you know, fix it, don't nix it, are the ones who are really aware of what's going on here. this idea of just blaming someone else is also prepostero preposterous, too. they're realizing they have to work together to do something. before they were saying we're not taking republican amendments, we're not going to count your votes or listen to you, but now that their ship is sinking, they want a life preserver and say, look, i want to help save this. there are things we could be doing to fix
in the republican party. >> sure. these aren't citizens who go to a rally and say something. these are elected officials who bear the republican party across their chest. it's alarming in one sense, but also heartening in another sense. because the more they ratchet up this rhetoric, the more this hate and divisiveness spews out, the more it's going to draw out moderate republican voters away from the republican party and its candidates. it's a terribly damaging thing for the republican party to have someone out there saying we're a christian nation. michigan has a large number of voting americans. you want to offend them. you want to offend jewish voters? it's makes no sense. when they hear this stuff and it's not disavowed, that was the point you made at the beginning. if ted cruz was smart, he would disavow his dad in as kind of words as he can. but he would say, look. the president isn't from kenya. he's born in the united states. he's a u.s. citizen. he's not a muslim. he's a christian. let's move on to some important economic issues. >> well, without doing that, krystal, the republican p
to kennedy to cover up theft through fraud of the 1948 senate election and to cover up his financial wheeling dealings with billy solastas. murder was in his repertoire. he had a hit man named malcolm wallace. his finger prints were found on the sniper -- >> on the records. >> the dallas police find a finger print from malcolm wallace, a johnson retainer on the card booed box in the sniper's nest in the repository. wallace is the shooter. >> what about lee harvey oswald? >> when he says i'm a patsy. >> in your book you talk about how l.b.j. pretty much ran that state and town? >> he had control of the dallas police department, he had control of the dallas county sherrif's office. he had control of the dallas county prosecutor. this is why robert kennedy sent a message to the russians after his brother's murder saying dallas was the perfect place for the crime. >> there have been so many theories out there. it was the russians. it was the c.i.a. it was the mob. it was everybody and their brother. did jackie ever suspect the vice president? >> i think she did. i found a letter she wrote when sh
is elected on tuesday. peggy fox takes a look at the roles education, contraception and abortion could be playing in the election. >> reporter: here are some issues you might be concerned about. last year virginia lawmakers required that women seeking abortions get abdominal ultra sounds first, made some critical funding decisions and made some decisions that brought jobs to the state. volunteers worked tirelessly telling voters about comstock's no. 1 priority, jobs. >> i've passed legislation which kept this growing industry. >> reporter: at her democratic opponent headquarters first time candidate democrat kathleen murphy gives us her view on growing jocks. >> i think it is how we can -- jobs. >> i think it is how we can make virginia a welcoming place so that people want to come here to work. that is by funding transportation solutions. >> reporter: murphy criticizes comstock for her vote to require abdominal ultra sounds for women seeking abortions and to require strict new regulations on clinics performing abortions. >> we are talking about health and safety regulations and tha
but by democrats who voted for this thing, because they don't want to be stuck out there next year in an election year having to explain a website that still doesn't work. >> let's go back to the hearing. this is the chairman, the republican from michigan, checking her. >> i don't have that metric with me but i'll check on it. >> i believe those are numbers that cms has put out. the associated press reported in early september that there was a memo prepared for the assistant -- by the assistant secretary for planning and health. are you aware of that press story and that memo? i think it went through your office to secretary sebelius? >> it went through the enrollment numbers? >> yes. and it said that there were month-to-month predictions of enrollment numbers showing a path to the seven million that i mentioned. >> right. >> could you make that memo available to the committee? >> certainly. >> according to the press report, the memo estimated that 494,620 people would sign up for health insurance under the program by october 31st. we're obviously very near that date. have you met that estimate?
a political bombshell just emerging tonight. was president obama really considering running for re-election without joe biden? >>> we are back with a story finally getting more attention. the mysterious death of a high school football player in georgia and his parents who are convinced this was no accident. nbc's gabe gutierrez has more on the disturbing evidence and the strange case and the video tape that may be the key to all of it. >> reporter: newly released surveillance video shows small glimpses of kendrick johnson's final hours. the 17-year-old known as k.j. is seen entering his high school gym in georgia in january. >> we've got a body in the high school here. there is a dead body up here. >> reporter: the video does not show how the body ended up here inside a rolled up gym mat in a lonely space just over 14 inches wide. >> we have to fight for him because if we don't fight no one will. >> reporter: kenneth and jacqueline johnson believe their son was murdered and someone is trying to cover it up. >> we want justice and we're not stopping until we get justice. >> reporter: today a
, and the peterson institute said bipartisanship has cost our country 900,000 jobs since the 2010 elections. i hope every member of this committee, democrats and republicans alike, will put away the threats of future shutdowns and default and focus our efforts to help our economy grow. the house and republican and senate democratic budgets before us represent very different visions for the future of the country. we're not going to be able to bridge all those differences, but i hope we can make some progress, and that will require tough compromises. it is also important to be honest with the public about the nature of our differences, because to govern is to choose, and our budgets reflect different choices. we need to reduce the long-term deficit in a balanced way. it provides for vital investments to ensure america remains the world's economic powerhouse. we aloe indicate resources to -- allocate resources to put people to work, modernizing our bridges and our ports and other infrastructure that is the back bone of our commifment these used to be a bipartisan priority. unfortunately, the republica
democrats who have to seek re-election, mary landrieu, kay hagan. these are the folks that are driving this nervousness, savannah, because they're -- you know, the president's popularity rating hit an all-time low nationally in our poll. well, if it's 42% nationally, imagine what it is in arkansas, imagine what it is in louisiana, where democrats have to win re-election in order to hold control of the senate. so, that's what this is all about. they're extremely nervous and they think that health care could cost them control of the senate if this rollout doesn't improve very quickly. >> chuck todd in our washington bureau, thank you very much. >>> there is another revelation that has a lot of people in washington talking this morning. a new book claims top aides to the president, president obama, gave serious consideration to replacing vice president joe biden on the 2012 ticket. nbc's andrea mitchell has details on that. andrea, tell us what you know. >> reporter: good morning, matt. three years ago, their book changed the game with revelations ranging from sarah palin's private meltdo
in the people's house. whose members are closest to the elect rat, with two-year -- electorate, two-year terms, rather than the senate whose members sit unchallenged for six-year terms and who do not proportionally represent the american population and who already enjoy their own unique and separate senate powers intentionally divided by the pramers -- framers between the two chambers. if we as members of the house of representatives, who took a solemn oath to support and defend the constitution, including its origination clause, fail to assert this right and this responsibility as immediate representatives of the people, and those most accountable to them, mr. speaker, we dishonor the founders' memory and we fundamentally abrogate our sworn oath to support and defend the constitution of the united states from all enemies, oreign and domestic. mr. speaker, this fall the u.s. circuit court of appeals for the district of columbia circuit will hear an appeal in the case of sisle v.h.h.s. as to whether or not obamacare violates the origination clause of the constitution. i would urge my colleagues
's for the better good, he may not have gotten elected. they chose a path that is wrong. >> they were losers under the last system and they cannot be discriminated against because they are women. if they are losers urn the system and appear to be some, democrats should be stepping forwar forward. >> speaker, good to have you on. up next, an audience with a pope. a little boy stole the show. it's hard to see opportunity in today's challenging environment. unless you have the right perspective. bny mellon wealth management has the vision and experience to look beyond the obvious. we'll uncover opportunities, find hidden risk, and make success a reality. bny mellon wealth management. >> pope francis delivered a message and it was a boy from the audience that stole the show. he wanted to be part of the action and jumped up next to the pope and refused to leave his side even after the aide offered him candy. >> st. peter's square saturday night. the pope is speak about faith and family when responsible before a crowd of thousands he is upstaged by a little boy he never met. the enjoy climbs into the po
your insurance but, you know, it for the better good of the country, he might not have gotten re-elected. so he chose a path profoundly wrong and now they are caught up -- >> there were losers under the last system and democrats stood up for the losers under the last system. and those people cannot be discriminated against because of preexisting conditions and because they are women. if there are losers under this new system and there appear to b some, democrats should step forward, not crouching but stepping forward with real solutions. >> thank you. >> good to be with you. >> for more go to >>> the audience with the pope, the little boy who stole the show as the pope delivers a speech in st. peters square. female narrator: the mattress price wars are ending soon the mattress price wars are ending soon at sleep train. we've challenged the manufacturers to offer even lower prices. now it's posturepedic versus beautyrest with big savings of up to $400 off. serta icomfort and tempur-pedic go head-to-head with three years' interest-free financing, plus free same-day delivery, setup
was, elect obama/clinton for 2012. turns out the obama campaign considered bumping joe biden from the ticket last year and replacing him with hillary clinton. obama's former chief of staff confirms that a switch was discussed as were many options but he says it was never considered seriously. jay carney says the president dismissed the idea out of hand. i know for a fact that president obama never considered this, never thought about it, never entertained it. the vice president has been a partner of his from the 2008 campaign on, an excellent governing partner and excellent campaign partner. so again, campaigns test everything but as the book itself says this was never considered by the president. >> obama's former senior adviser, david plouffe, also denies any serious intent. plouffe tweeted "never any, any consideration of vice president of hillary rodham clinton switch." >>> congress is ramping up its investigation into the terror attacks on the u.s. consulate in benghazi, libya, as you'll recall, four americans including the u.s. ambassador to libya tide in that ferocious atta
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